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15-17 SETTEMBRE 2023
It will be traditional 3 days yoga programe dedicated to all students and teachers,

also beginers students are welcome.
This programe is the perfect moment to take more experience knowledge of

the Ashtanga Yoga technique and go deeper to your practice and self understanding.
The programe is made by Max and sharing his 20 years of practice yoga.
Its great opportunity to lern from International teacher who has experience in teaching students

from many countries around the world.
This programe will also great for students who think about moving own practice to next step.
Another important fact is the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga is a Therapy.
Thats why during this weekend Max will teach us more about philosophy of yoga.
Max will teach full Primary , Intermediate and Advance A series of ashtanga yoga.

Max Pascal is International authorized KPJAYI/SYC level 2 teacher by Guruji Sharath Jois.
Director of MaxYoga Ashtanga Yoga education and traveling, Yoga Retreats & Workshops programes.
Co founder of AYC Ashtanga Yoga Cagliari. Full Advance A practitioner,

Sharath Jois assistant and world traveler with 20 years of yoga practice.
Max teaches yoga since 2004 after he got permission to teach from his first teacher

Lilianna Piotrowska in Poland.
He continues traditional Parampara school of mysore, led class chanting & conference

with his Guru Sharath Jois since 2011.
From that time he is visiting KPJAYI/SYC every year to understand and lern more about yoga.
In 2013 Sharathji gave Max his blessing to teach Ashtanga Yoga lev.1

and in 2016 another one full lev. 2 .

During his visit in India Max also study Sanskrit and Vedic knowledge with Prof Jayasree and

Vigneshwar Bhat. Max is continue traveling and teaching yoga around the world.

Friday 15.09
18:00h - 20:00h: led class (half & official welcoming students)


Saturday 16.09
6:30h – 9:00h: mysore class (last entry at 7:30)
10:30h – 12:00h: conference/workshop
- safe practice/asana & vinyasa
- question and answer time
12.00h – 13.00h: pranayam & chanting class


Sunday 17.09
7:00h – 9:30h: mysore class (last entry at 8:00)
11:00h – 12:30h: conference/workshop part II
- asana & vinyasa
- last questions
12.30h – 13.30h: pranayam & chanting partII


becouse yoga is all about breathing.

We start our life from breathing and we finish this life with last
breath. If you change your breathing you can be able change your life.


it will be regular conference and conversation with students during class and during special Satsang
time event with Max. During this class you can ask any question about yoga or your practice.

Everything what will be in that moment in your mind , you can ask.
Remember, there is not stupid questions never.

All students can have also own private time to talk with Max if they need this conversation.

Full ptogram 3 days o Saturday & Sunday – 150 euro
Friday + Saturday or Sunday – 110 euro
Only Saturday or Sunday – 80 euro
Only Friday - 40 euro


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